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Airtel postpaid giving unlimited free call to one Airtel number in Rs.149 Rental

Just got this offer from Airtel Delhi postpaid connection via sms. Rental they are charging for this is whopping Rs.149 per month. Good for them. Vodafone, Reliance, Aircel, Mtnl are other gsm operators which offers free unlimited onnet calling to one or all numbers.
I am not sure of Idea Cellular but may be they also offer it to its customer from time to time.

Airtel Increses 2G rates and reduces 3G data rates

Airtel Mobile increased 1GB 2G(Edge) data rates from Rs.124 to Rs.155 while on other side decreased 3G rates from Rs.250 per 1GB to Rs.157 per 1GB.  Thus bringing both 2G and 3G rates at same level. This was in response to the similar move firstly by Reliance 3G then by Bsnl Cellone of uniform tariffs few months back.

This is in line with western countries pricing of uniform tariffs for 2G, 3G and even 4G data where companies anticipated higher usage from customer bringing in higher revenue. Wireless data pricing world over is by volume instead of by bandwidth like done in case of wireline broadband.

In India 3G data tariff were on higher side compared to average household incomes but it was mostly due to huge license fees paid by cos for 3G license in 2010 3G auction. Tariffs have been cut many times now to bring it with par to what people can afford. This rate cut can also be due to anticipated entry of Reliance jio infocom which is expected to launch 4G data services under LTE technology.