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Tata Docomo cdma Mobile Internet pack gives evdo speeds

Tata Docomo aka Indicom has a mobile Internet pack which give 4.5GB data usage on recharge of Rs.95 valid for 30days. Though customer care reps says its valid for internet on mobile on only. But most users are reporting that it gives evdo speed even on tethering. Evdo aka 3G of cdma network gives speed of 3.1mbps DL and 1.8mbps UL on Rev A network. Tata Docomo cdma names it as HSIA and have different packs on it. However for past few month it is working on HSIA also.

This pack is not valid on Tata Docomo/Indicom branded cdma data dongle. Only on mobile sim card aka OMH sim cards. People are buying unlocked data dongles and using it with these OMH sim cards. Infact many unlocked MTS data dongle can be found selling on OLX/Quickr with seller promising cheap high speed data at below Rs.100 per month. If you call they’ll sell you the modem with Tata OMH sim card.