Reliance 3G Delhi Speedtest Review

Many of you might be thinking to use Reliance 3G Rs.123 Rs.156 1Gb plan. Let me give you a brief review.
3G coverage is comparable to Vodafone in my opinion atleast for Delhi (this may be debatable but each for his own). Speed are good mostly, rarely it gives me no connection problem which last for few minutes to few hours at max.
Though Reliance site claim we can’t use these packs in data card but it was working fine on my option data card.
Used this sim as backup data connection in case my adsl connection fails.

Speed test
reliance 3g review
3g revie reliance rcom
rcom speedtest review
I got max speed of 6mpbs once(result not saved).

I’ll recommend it for secondary data sim on your dual sim mobile or for data card but not for main connection because of there scammy vas activation. I also got few sms of some daily alert but didn’t worried as balance was nil on this card.

Still Recommended. Happy Surfing :-)

Speed Test Review of Mts MBlaze Ultra Super Unlimited RevB 999 Plan

Earlier I posted about Mblaze Ultra 999 40Gb Plan plan launched by Mts India.
The device I got was a ZTE wifi router which got decent coverage better than I expected. To increase the coverage I have setup my asus rt13u as a repeater, so overall getting awesome wifi coverage using both for the replacement of Mtnl Broadband connection which is giving me too many problems lately.

Here are the speedtest from Delhi circle
At 1pm
mts mblaze ultra
At 5pm
mts mblaze ultra
Even getting 4mbps every now and then also but it stays in 1-3mbps range mostly. Upload speed is very good at 1-1.5mbps which beats adsl connection anyday.
mts mblaze ultra
mts mblaze ultra

Best thing about this service is that Mblaze RevB works on 800mhz frequency which got better penetration than 2100mhz frequency on which 3G operators in India works. Take my example, I placed this router in middle room of my house at 1st floor getting 4-5 bar signal whereas previously was getting just 1bar or sometimes no signal with Reliance 3G(not cdma) at same placement of data card.

Overall I am satisfied with few days of usage as 40GB is within my limit of monthly usage. I’ll update this review further on how my connection experience goes.


While Fixed line broadband providers like Airtel and Bsnl are increasing broadband tariffs citing increasing input cost the wireless datacard 3G providers are going the other way. Mts India the cdma evdo based wireless broadband provider launched Rs.999 plan on its Mblaze 3g Plus network which supports Evdo Rev B speed of upto 9.8mbps with generous monthly allowance of 40GB per month. After 40GB usage speed would be reduced to usage 144kbps. This plan is available in its Delhi Circle, lets compare it with wireline broadband providers of the city.

Mtnl – Rs.995 2Mbps speed with 20GB data allowance on Freedom 996 plan (512kbps speed shape after data is over)
Airtel – Rs.999 2mbps plan with 9GB data allowance on 999 Plan (512 kbps speed shape after data is over)
MTS – Rs.999 upto 9mbps with 40GB data allowance on 999 plan (144kbps speed shape after data is over)

Clearly shows we have cheaper wireless plan than wireline here. Obviously due to monopoly of these big providers and govt not allowing ULL on the Mtnl copper network.

Reliance MNP Plan 199 Delhi Details

This plan was previously been given big 3 (Aritel, Vodafone, Idea) but now closed(or benefits reduced) after recent hikes in tariffs.

Reliance MNP 199 Plan (Delhi NCR Circle)
Rental Rs.199 Monthly
600 Minutes Local/STD
400 SMS Local/STD
1GB 3G Data Free(for first 2 Months)
Local call 30p
Std Call 50p
Roaming 80p
Isd and Sms tariff standard.

Zero initial activation charges or security deposit required.
Remember only for portin customers.

Iphone 5s Gold Colour Already Out of Stock in India

As expected Apple shown again that India is on low priority. Aplle Iphone 5s Gold colour is already showing out of stock / coming soon on online shopping portals like or . Though cashback offers are already luring for iphone buyers. Citibank is offering 5% cashback for Iphone brought from above mentioned online stores. On other hand Reliance is offering the new iphone on contract for first time in India. Only limitation is you need to have credit card to avail the offer.

Htc One Dual Sim Deal For Just Rs.34999

HTC ONE DUAL SIM mobile phone which is a true global mobile phone with both Gsm/Hspa and cdma/Evdo connectivity. Its available for Rs.34,999 under exchange from Flipkart if you buy it with a Standard Chartered credit card.

Rs.48,999 original cost minus Rs.9000 off under exchange for selected models minus Rs.5000 cashback if brought using Standard chartered Credit card.
So actual Cost is Rs.48999-9000-5000=Rs.34,999.
Checkout Htc One Dual Sim under the offer.

Tata Docomo cdma Mobile Internet pack gives evdo speeds

Tata Docomo aka Indicom has a mobile Internet pack which give 4.5GB data usage on recharge of Rs.95 valid for 30days. Though customer care reps says its valid for internet on mobile on only. But most users are reporting that it gives evdo speed even on tethering. Evdo aka 3G of cdma network gives speed of 3.1mbps DL and 1.8mbps UL on Rev A network. Tata Docomo cdma names it as HSIA and have different packs on it. However for past few month it is working on HSIA also.

This pack is not valid on Tata Docomo/Indicom branded cdma data dongle. Only on mobile sim card aka OMH sim cards. People are buying unlocked data dongles and using it with these OMH sim cards. Infact many unlocked MTS data dongle can be found selling on OLX/Quickr with seller promising cheap high speed data at below Rs.100 per month. If you call they’ll sell you the modem with Tata OMH sim card.

Airtel Increses 2G rates and reduces 3G data rates

Airtel Mobile increased 1GB 2G(Edge) data rates from Rs.124 to Rs.155 while on other side decreased 3G rates from Rs.250 per 1GB to Rs.157 per 1GB.  Thus bringing both 2G and 3G rates at same level. This was in response to the similar move firstly by Reliance 3G then by Bsnl Cellone of uniform tariffs few months back.

This is in line with western countries pricing of uniform tariffs for 2G, 3G and even 4G data where companies anticipated higher usage from customer bringing in higher revenue. Wireless data pricing world over is by volume instead of by bandwidth like done in case of wireline broadband.

In India 3G data tariff were on higher side compared to average household incomes but it was mostly due to huge license fees paid by cos for 3G license in 2010 3G auction. Tariffs have been cut many times now to bring it with par to what people can afford. This rate cut can also be due to anticipated entry of Reliance jio infocom which is expected to launch 4G data services under LTE technology.